They Aren't So Bad Off

Children out selling petrol for lamps
Misery is not synonymous with poverty. In impoverished countries, like Mali, apearances can be deceiving. While you may see many people going around in fine clothes and looking happy and well fed the reality may be a whole different story. In this photo you can see two young children that go out every afternoon selling small quantities of petrol for small sums of money to people whose only light at night is a kerosine lantern. One of the many ways families make ends meet in Timbuktu. Read More...

Jawiya Koy

Jawara koy from a mispronunciation of the arabic word zawia meaning a place (house or whole neighbourhood) of repose where travelers, students, and others could stay and find meals and koy the Songai word for proprietor, thus the sheik or chief responsible for such a place who financed it and often offered charity to, or took care of debts of, the impoverished who made use of it. Read More...