Wedding Party

Wedding Party in full swing
One of the events surrounding a traditional marriage in Timbuktu is a party thrown by the girlfriends and age-mates of the new bride. This party is a last bash with all her friends but it is also a show of strength and solidarity for her new in-laws to see that she has lots of people who care about her. Every body dresses up and there is lots of loud music and dancing, some flirting with the boys of the age-set and while the bride must act with dignity- she probably won’t be dancing herself she is permitted to smile, in stark contrast to the wedding itself where she looks miserable or is hidden most of the time. Read More...


Elaborate Wally Game Board
Younger Children have many little games that are similar to those played by western children. They play pretend house, school and market place, fly kites, skip rope, engage in variations on such games as marbles, patty cake, tag and hide and seek, and have a varriety of rhymes to figure out who is "it". Board and card games are played by older children and adults. In fact it is not uncommon to see a group of old men bickering over a party of "bullut" or talking smack as they take each other's peices in a desert version of checkers. Here are a few of the games played in Timbuktu. Read More...

A Day in the Life

Someone said "Everyday must be an adventure here in Timbuktu." Well in some ways yes, but it becomes everyday. Dodging dust storms is just so exciting when they happen on a regular basis. Read More...

Why Not to Pull the Tail on the Donkey

donkies with children

The children of Timbuktu put a whole new spin on childhood games. The people of Timbuktu have a different perspective on health. Read More...