Unfortunately I am not a connoisseur of birds. I find them enjoyable to look at but have not mastered the details of identification. Here is however some information on birds I have spotted in Mali. The list is not exhaustive as I have not been able to either photograph or identify many of the birds I have seen.

The Princeton field guide for Birds of Western Africa is probably the best birding book to bring if planning to do bird watching in Mali.


grey heron
Grey Heron seen along the Niger River

camroon indigo
Cameroon Indigo Bird photo taken in Dogon Country, near Sanga.

Photo taken near Sanga in Dogon country.

long-tailed starlings
Long-Tailed Glossy Starlings seen in southern Mauritania and Mali starting just south of Timbuktu. This photo was taken along the Niger River near Segou. Also seen the Greater Blue-Eared Starling throughout the area.

plover & lapwing
Two Egyptian Plovers with a Spur-Winged Lapwing seen all along the Niger River.

African Jacana, present all along the Niger River.

abysinian roller
Abyssinian Roller present through out the region. These have a very spectacular look when flying.

Juvenile Falcon caught by boys in Timbuktu


Eagle, probably the Tawny Eagle.