4 cups of fokahoy leaves
2 cups of shay butter
2 bouillon cubes
2 square inches dried fish
2 oz. marre
4 or 5 wakondo seed pods
4 or 5 small dry hot peppers
1 Tbs tomato paste (optional)

Crush and sift the fokahoy leaves keep back the bigger bits and stems.

Mix the fine leaf crumbs with the shay butter kneading and adding the butter until it is a uniform consistency and forms more or less a ball

Rince meat and cut in chunks. put in sauce pan with water and some salt. pound marre hot peppers, add to pot.

Lightly pound wakondo to release seads from pod, remove. pound the pods and add to pot.

Add paste of leaves and shay butter. and dried fish. Add water to cover the ingreadients.

Cover pot and let simmer. If it starts to boil, uncover part way. Stir occasionally to reduce sticking.

This takes a long time to cook. Just let it simmer away and add more water from time to time as the level gets down and it starts to stick. The shay butter will have melted right away mixing all the ingredients together. Eventually the oil in the shay butter will start to separate form the rest forming a visible layer on top of the pot. When this process is complete the sauce is done.

Taste and add salt to taste. Note it will be served over plain white rice so a little excess salt in the sauce is necessary to keep it from being bland. but if you are concerned of putting in too much, you can go light and people can add table salt to their portion when served.