Jissuma Gounday

1/2 cup oil
1 lb (½ kilo) meat
4 cups rice
1 cup dried jisuma
1 leaves ½ cup powdered
2-4 dried hot peppers
4 wakondo pods
2 bouillon cubes (optional, but definatly use them if you are trying a no meat version)
salt as desired

Heat oil in a large pot.
Add cleaned chunked meat
While this is searing, powder the jissuma. Put coarse powder in a small bowl and add water. Skim off any bits of stem that float. Swirl the rest of the contents to get leaves and water well mixed and pour water and leaves into pot. Add more water and repeat if it all pours out before the leaves. Be careful about the last bit any sand in the leaves will have settled in it. Don’t pour the sandy part in the pot.
Powder hot peppers and salt add to mixture.
Lightly pound wakondo pods to break open. Remove seeds. Powder pods and add to pot.
Let this cook until meat is tender, apx. 1 hour for though stew meat no less than 1/2 hour so the jissuma is well cooked. Add more water if necessary to keep meat from going dry.
While meat is cooking clean rice. If necessary pick out any small stones or grains that are still in their hull. If necessary winnow. When meat is cooked add water in about a 2 to one ration of water to rice and bring to a boil.
Rinse rice pouring off dirty water.
Add clean rice to boiling water.
Add bouillon cubes and salt to taste.
Bring back to a boil and let simmer stirring occasionally until all the water is gone.
1 This is the wild hibiscus plant. You can try import stores to find it or try substituting other dried greens.
2 small ones like jalapinios ~1” long or replace this by one med. fresh pepper.
3 I do not know what this small hard pod comes from or any other name for it. You may have to leave it out.